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Regional Road-E-O Results

Rear Load

Cody Roe                        316     8:28     NTSWA

John Zell                         311     6:14     Republic Services- West Grove

Phil Vinsek                     270     9:45      NTSWA


Wheel Loader

Cole Alexander             98    9:54        Clinton County Solid Waste

David Swift                    94    6:58        Republic Services- Farmington Transfer Station

Marshall Montieth        90    9:45        Maryland Environmental Services  


Articulated Dump

Robert Lee                    89    7:13          NTSWA

Chase Weise                 84    8:37          Clinton County Solid Waste

Chris Budman              83    7:11          Lycoming County Solid Waste 


Transfer Trailer

Eric Dixon Sr.             283    8:15           Clinton County Solid Waste

Robert Lee                 247    8:17           NTSWA

Randy Clayton           195    9:51            Lycoming County Solid Waste


Roll-Off Truck

John Zell                  281        7:04             Republic Services-West Grove

Cody Roe                  256      7:50             NTSWA

Phil Vinsek               240       10:23           NTSWA


Landfill Compactor

Chrissy Kortze        95        12:33            Republic Services- Conestoga

Cody Alexander      90        15:29           Clinton County Solid Waste

Marshall Montieth 88        15:01            Maryland Environmental Services



David Swift         100        5:12            Republic Services-Farmington Transfer Station

Dave Kessling     98         6:80             Clinton County Solid Waste

Verlan Bauman   97        5:59             LCSWMA  

Complete results list from International Road-E-O

Left to right

Eric Dixon, Sr., Cole Alexander, Cody Alexander, Chase Weise, Dave Kessling, Scot Sample, Executive Director, Northern Tier Solid Waste Authority

Front row, left to right

Bob Lee, Cody Roe, Phil Vinsek, Scot Sample, Executive Director, Northern Tier Solid Waste Authority 

Back row, left to right

Jim Moyer, Ben McBratney, and Jesse Chilson


No pictures to show


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