2023 Mid-Atlantic Regional Road-E-O

May 18 & 19, 2023

Hosted by Cecil County, MD Department of Public Works, Solid Management Division

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Road-E-O promotes skill and safety. It provides operators of solid waste collection and landfill equipment an opportunity to showcase their skills. 

Mark your calendars for May 18 & 19, 2023 AND begin to decide to have or to recruit members of your field staff to participate in the contests.  The contests at the May event will include the following (assuming a minimum number of three registrants for each category):

  • Heavy landfill equipment
    • Compactor
    • Dozer
    • Wheel loader
    • Articulated Dump Truck
  • Trucks
    • Front Loader
    • Rear Loader
    • Roll-off

Besides contestants, we will need volunteers in order to conduct the event:

  • To serve on the Road-E-O Committee
    • help plan and coordinate
    • assist with general promotion for contestants and event volunteers with newsletter articles, website posts, etc.
    • assist with soliciting swag giveaways for the contestant bags
    • assist with obtaining sponsorships
  • To be on-site at the event on May 18 and/or May 19 
    • assist the host, Cecil County  – DPW -Solid Waste Management Division, as needed
    • lay out the courses
    • judge the contestants on the courses
    • tally scores (two volunteers already)
    • score sheet runners
    • “gophers”

In addition to contestants and volunteers, we will need sponsors, who will receive various levels of advertising/recognition, depending on the sponsorship levels. If you know of any vendor or company who services the solid waste management industry and may be interested in sponsoring the Road-E-O, please contact them. If unwilling or unable to contact them, send their names and contact information to David Horne (dhorne@ccgov.org).

We will also be preparing swag giveaway bags for the contestants, so any suitable items for field personnel would be appreciated, but are not needed until early May.

For more information or questions on the Road-E-O, or to volunteer, contact David Horne.

With assistance by all three chapters and their members, such as allowing and recruiting your agencies’ operators to register and participate, volunteering to serve on the Committee and/or at the event, sponsoring the Road-E-O, contacting potential sponsors (or forwarding their names), donating raffle items or swag giveaways, etc., the 2023 SWANA Mid-Atlantic Regional Road-E-O can be a resounding success, as were the previous Regional Road-E-O events.

The three SWANA chapters of Mid-Atlantic, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey are all appreciative of Cecil County, MD stepping forth and volunteering to host their second Regional Road-E-O.  Let us be supportive and assist them to have a GREAT event!

QUESTIONS? Contact David Horne at dhorne@ccgov.org or 410-996-6275.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsoring the Road-E-O will give you the opportunity to be a part of an event that promotes and encourages safety standards in the industry. The Road-E-O will bring together operators and spectators from all levels of the industry. Put your name in front of solid waste professionals from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, District of Columbia, and Maryland. 

This is prime time to show your support and be a part of a great event!

  • Dinner, Breakfast, or Lunch Sponsor
    • Dinner sponsor - receive 3 dinner tickets; Breakfast or lunch sponsor - receive 5 tickets for breakfast or lunch
    • Full page ad in the program
    • Sponsor supplied recognition signage at meal and event
    • Sponsor literature may be added to swag bags
    • Recognition during event announcements
  • Gold $750
    • Full-page ad in the program
    • Sponsor supplied sign displayed at event
    • Recognition during event announcements
  • Silver $500 
    • Half-page ad in the program
    • Sponsor supplied sign displayed at event
    • Recognition during event announcements
    • Bronze $250
      • Quarter-page ad in the program
      • Recognition during event announcements
    • The opportunity to provide swag giveaway items (pens, bags, hats, tablets, key chains, bottle openers, etc.) for the goodie bags provided to each participant (30-50 pieces) or provide items (tv, cooler, etc) for our Door Prize Raffle
      • Recognition to the companies/organizations providing these items will be included in the program


    Be a Road-E-O judge! This is a great way to participate in the event. We are seeking judges to help with scoring, timing, record keeping, and keeping things moving on each of our courses. 

    There are many other ways volunteers can help during the day that will make our event run smooth. 

    2019 Mid-Atlantic Regional Road-E-O

    June 6 & 7, 2019

    Blossburg, PA

    Hosted by Northern Tier Solid Waste Authority with the help of Wayne Township Landfill of Clinton County, the Road-E-O was back in Pennsylvania!

    The Keystone SWANA Chapter is pleased to announce that the Mid-Atlantic Regional Road-E-O was back in PA for 2019. The Road-E-O was held on June 7, 2019 at Northern Tier Solid Waste Authorities Landfill #1.

    For questions regarding registration, contact Chanda Martino at 866.467.9262 or Chanda@keystoneswana.org.

    For questions regarding the competition, contact Scot Sample or Trisha Wilkinson at 570.297.4177 or email ssample@ntswa.org or twilkinson@ntswa.org

    The weather on June 7 was perfect for the Road-E-O competition held in the mountains of beautiful, northern Pennsylvania.

    We're grateful to all our sponsors:

    5 Star Equipment

    Paradigm Software

    Chester County Solid Waste Authority

    Cleveland Brothers CAT

    Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority

    Al-Jon by C&C Mfg.

    Delaware Solid Waste Authority

    Lawn & Golf Supply

    M.R. Dirt

    Northern Tier Solid Waste Authority


    BAI Group

    Eck's Garage

    Eagle Truck Equipment, Inc.

    MIC Insurance Services, LLC.

    Highway Equipment & Supply Co. 

    Congratulations to all the winners! The results from the Road-E-O are below. The 1st and 2nd place winner from each category can go on to compete at the International Road-E-O. The International Road-E-O will be held on October 25th in Glendale, Arizona. For more information about the 2019 International Road-E-O visit: www.swanaaz.org

    Rear Loader

    1) Cody Roe- NTSWA

    2) Matt McBratney- NTSWA

    3) Phil Vinsek- NTSWA

    Roll Off Truck

    1) Cody Roe-NTSWA

    2) Robert Harrow- Clinton County SWA

    3) Phil Vinsek- NTSWA

    Front Loader

    1) George Carroll- Maryland Environmental Services

    2) Robert Lee-NTSWA

    3) Chris Powers- LCSWMA

    Transfer Trailer

    1) Robert Lee- NTSWA

    2) John Rothrock- Clinton County SWA

    3) Chris Powers- Lancaster SWA

    Wheel Loader

    1) David Swift- Republic Services

    2) Dave Watts- Clinton County SWA

    3) Michael Keiser- Maryland Environmental Services


    1) Lee Vinson- NTSWA

    2) Logan Milby- Maryland Environmental Services

    3) Cody Alexander- Clinton County SWA


    1) Jim Reidinauer- Chester County SWA

    2) David Swift- Republic Services

    3) Dave Kessling- Clinton County SWA

    Articulated Dump

    1) Chase Weise- Clinton County SWA

    2) Geroge Carroll- Maryland Environmental Services

    3) Jody Beyer- Maryland Environmental Services

    2018 Mid-Atlantic Regional Road-E-O

    June 21 & 22, 2018

    Hosted by Maryland Environmental Service

    Ridgely, MD

    The Road-E-O was a huge success again this year! Thank you to our hosts and all the sponsors!

    Results can be found here. Check out some of the photos from the Road-E-O.

    2017 Road-E-O

    SWANA Mid-Atlantic Regional Road-E-O

    (Mid-Atlantic, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania Chapters)

    Hosted by Maryland Environmental Service at its Midshore II Regional Solid Waste Facility

    in Ridgely MD on June 9, 2017

    Article by Steve Lippy (Mid-Atlantic Chapter)

    The weather was superb . . . temperature in the 80s with a slight breeze ( the breeze was good except for the guy wearing the super-wide foam 10-gallon hat). 

    Eleven agencies/companies were represented at the Road-E-O; three were from within our Chapter (Delaware Solid Waste Authority, Maryland Environmental Service, and Republic Services-Delaware), plus one from New Jersey and one from Virginia, with the rest from Pennsylvania. There were 37 contestants who participated in a total of 59 events. 

    There were three different courses set up for six different competitions. The dozer and landfill compactor used the same course; the articulated dump truck and rubber tire loader, the second one; and the roll-off truck and front-end loader, the third. The number of contestants varied from seven to fifteen, with the dozer competition being the most popular.

    The first and second place winners are eligible to attend the International Road-E-O to be held in Orlando Lake Buena Vista Florida on October 27-28.

    This Road-E-O event could not have happened without a lot of support and assistance by many!

    Many thanks to the following who donated equipment and trucks which were used during the competitions:

    • JESCO

    • Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems

    • Maryland Environmental Service

    Thanks to these companies/agencies who were sponsors:

    Gold—Chester County Solid Waste Authority

    Gold—Paradigm Software

    Silver—Barton & Loquidice

    Bronze—BAI Group Inc.

    We also thank those who donated door prizes, giveaway items, and other needed items:

    • Chester County Solid Waste Authority

    • Delaware Solid Waste Authority

    • EA Engineering

    • Geosyntec Consultants

    • Maryland Environmental Service

    • Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority

    • Republic Services

    • SCS Engineers

    • Solid Waste Association of North America

    There were at least twenty-six volunteers on Friday: registering contestants, judging on the three courses, taking photographs, “ being runners,.” score keepers, etc. On Thursday, the three courses had been laid out.

    Most importantly, this would not have been possible without MES agreeing to host the Road-E-O for the fourth time in the past six years

    (2012-2014, and 2017). This entailed innumerable hours of planning and coordination by MES. Special thanks to MES employees Tim

    Ford, Marcia King, Jeff Fried (and his wife Chris), and Monty Monteith.

    Not only do we have still photographs of the event, there are also some mini-videos of the competition, thanks to Andrew Kays.

    Congratulations to all those who participated and placed!

    - article by Steve Lippy, Mid-Atlantic Chapter


    FRONT LOADER      
     Rank  Score  Name  Employer
     1  336  John Zell   Republic Services 
     2  315  Benny Thompson   Northern Tier SWA
     3  282  Eric Dixon, Jr.  Clinton County SWA
    ROLL OFF      
     Rank Score Name  Employer 
     1 336  John Zell   Republic Services
     2  310  Eric Dixon, Sr.  Clinton County SWA
     3  287  Jon Bowen  MES
    WHEEL LOADER      
     Rank Score   Name  Employer
     1 92   Cole Alexander  Clinton County SWA
     2 90   Walter Winemiller  Modern Landfill
     3 89   Bruce Pepper  MES
     Rank 88  Logan Milby  MES
     1 86  Jane LaMotte  Republic (Conestoga)
     2 84   Nick Hudler  MES
     Rank Score   Name  Employer
     1 94  David Kessling  Clinton County SWA 
     2 92  James Reidnauer  Chester County SWA
     3 90  Jimmy Lawman  Modern Landfill
     Rank Score  Name  Employer 
     1 90  James Reidnauer  Chester County SWA
     2 88   Cody Alexander  Clinton County SWA
     3 87  James Downes  Delaware SWA
     Dozer 94   David Kessling  Clinton County SWA

    Photos & Video Credits:  A. Kays, Mid-Atlantic Chapter

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